1. Executive Summary

Nue Smart Home has a unique advantage in terms of its Products and services. It’s collaboration with, one of the world’s leading wireless home automation products manufacturers coupled with its technical expertise and business acumen in the Indian market has shown wonderful results in the past couple of years and will continue to excel going forward.

Nue is comprised of excellent management team, coming from various backgrounds such as security, telecom, insurance, and others, with years of experience.

Indian market has a huge potential for the home automation industry which gives us an opportunity to change people’s life’s as well as grow as a business entity.

2. Brand Story

Nue’s vision is to provide customers with comprehensive smart home products and solutions that are beautifully designed, affordable, and easy to use.

Nue Smart Home, as a new scenario brand, transforms from products to scenario solutions, covering balcony, kitchen, bathroom, air quality control, household water supply and home audio and video. Moreover, Nue utilizes the smart home cloud platform to connect users, enterprises, and ecosystems to provide more customized solutions.

Nue is committed to bring energy efficient solutions to customers and our products have extremely low energy consumption. Our product design is simple and sleek, followed by “less is more” design philosophy. To serve as many customers as possible, Nue products support all major platforms including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Mi Home.

The all-new Nue opens more possibilities, smart home experiences that go beyond your imagination and a lifestyle with cutting-edge technologies. Sensing Technologies for a Carefree Life. Security Features for a Smart Sharing Network.

3. Company Description

Promoters and Shareholders

Switch Plus is one of the most prominent telecom, security, and Automation trading companies in India. Distinguished for its dynamic growth, prosperity, and stability, Switch Plus has been supplying products and technological solutions to industries, installers, and integrators since its foundation in 2016. With operations all over India, Switch Plus have specialized in automation and security markets.

The company was set up in 2016 operating exclusively for telecom integrations mostly overseas. In 2018, the company forayed into sales and distribution of home automation and security systems by establishing switchplus.com.

Proceeding with the growth plan, Switch Plus entered the home automation market in the early Year 2018. Laying the foundations for the future expansion it made strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers across globe

Products and services

Switch Plus is the first to open the Nue store in India offering exclusively products. Through its subsidiary Nue Smart Home, Switch Plus has introduced, integrated, and sold many Smart Home products throughout India. NUE has been founded by Switch Plus management team as a subsidiary to handle all its Smart Home needs in India. Since then, Nue has grown into a one stop shop for all the Smart Home products to many integrators in India.

NUE offers products that are designed and manufactured for Indian subcontinent such as Lighting, Climate Control and Heating, Security and Safety, Energy Saving or Assisted Living. Some of these include,

  • Smart Touch Switch Panels
  • Wall controllers
  • Gateways
  • Remotes
  • Plugs-ins
  • Wall-Insert switches
  • Wall-Insert dimmers
  • Smart Sensors
  • Window and curtain control
  • Energy meter
  • Thermostats

Long Term Aim of the Business 

Switch Plus’s focus is to make Nue the biggest and best in automation industry. Nue Smart Home’s mission is to be a leader in the distribution of the home automation solutions to a broad spectrum of users. Our goal is to be the leader in the automation industry and to enhance and improve distribution through excellence in communication, training, education, and services.


  1. By Jan 2023, Nue will increase its share of automation sales for all India region by 100 percent by adding new dealership locations, enforcing strategic agreements with its subsidiaries in potentially growing markets.
  2. Nue will be formally announcing strategic alliances with local distributors and dealers as well as enterprise collaborations with India’s leading telecom and appliance industries.
  3. To always have integrity and to make sure the customer is taken care of
  4. To expand and hire a sales force and customer service team to gain new business and maintain current business
  5. To open new markets in a timely manner.

Keys to Success 

Nue Smart Home’s keys to success are:

  1. Use professional sales strategies to ensure we are solving the customer needs.
  2. Establish standardised sales channels across India and the emerging markets.
  3. Participate and conduct trade shows across India ensuring Nue and its partner brands
  4. Establish enterprise level partnerships with leading companies from other sectors
  5. Ensure positive relationships are being built for repeat business and the word-of-mouth advertisement.
  6. Using its strong technical knowledge base and expertise to educate and train both its management and its dealers, system integrators with the market trends and technical advances.
  7. Make sure it is a win, win for Nue and the customer, meaning they get what they need in a timely manner at a good price and Nue and its subsidiaries make a profit.

4. Marketing/Sales Strategy

NUE will continue to implement its strategies for reaching the target market, arousing their interest in its products, and delivering the product to them in sales.

Marketing Strategy

NUE intends to position its product as the world’s best wireless home automation solution available in the market and differentiate it from its competitors:

  • Nue intends to target the upscale as well as the upper middle-class segments of the market as these segments have the greatest number of users who intend to automate their homes.
  • Nue intends to highlight the wireless solution and its advantages that can benefit the end user. Nue has collaborations with 40 experience centres currently set across India that are offering a real-time hands-on experience to the end customers. The feedback from these stores is very critical in understanding the users as well as the market. Nue closely monitors these stores and its feedbacks.
  • Nue is constantly working with the platinum real estate developers, home appliance industry experts and electronic and furniture chain stores across India to generate market awareness and sales.
  • Nue has an elaborate sales team comprising of sales executives and experts coupled with demo centres and demonstrators who will do the marketing.

Sales Strategy 

NUE will sell home automation products to the target market as described below.

  • Collaboration – NUE to collaborate with leading Telecom and Home Appliance industries in India.
  • Directly – NUE to establish working relationships with India’s leading real estate developers and continue sales and promotion through high visible projects.
  • Website – NUE to optimize sales with online marketing and SEO.
  • Distributor – NUE to appoint local distributors per region as described below.
  • Retail – NUE to maintain and establish retail stores/experience centres across India
  • Sales rep/ Agent – NUE to add more agents to its existing list and continue to provide training and technical support.

NUE is confident that it will reach the intended market efficiently, by implementing the sales channels and strategies. NUE intends to retain the brand pricing and positioning, the logistics, and the overall integration with the sales strategy. 


Nue intends to set the price charged for its products and services based on the considerations as noted below:

  • Competitors’ prices
  • Level of competition in the market
  • Perception of quality-price relationship by customers
  • Import costs and overheads
  • Chain of distribution and the added value at each stage
  • The extent to which the buyer can control the price

Marketing and Communications Strategy

Nue will promote products and its automation service in the marketplace. Following are a few marketing and communications strategy that Nue intends to implement:

Advertising – Nue is working on running a nationwide campaign in collaboration with the India’s leading teleco.

  • Public relations – Nue has previously published articles in the national dailies as well as business magazines. It intends to keep doing more in the coming years.
  • Direct marketing – Nue currently maintains 40 experience centres across India and it’s currently working in collaborating with chain stores to collectively promote and its supporting products.
  • Website and internet marketing – Nue maintains its website as well as a YOUTUBE channel to help promote as well as support its integrators. Nue has specialised SEO engineers on its payroll who are constantly working towards improving its online presence.
  • Exhibitions and conferences – Nue has previously participated in several trade shows that attracted a variety of customers. It intends to do at least 6 more shows this following year.
  • Word of mouth – Nue encourages its integrators and dealers to get a positive review back and encourage word of mouth advertising of and its supporting products.

5. Testing and Training 


Nue will continue to have ongoing Testing as an activity of the company that will ensure all products that it will distribute and sell adhere to the Indian market standards and conditions.

Technical Partners

Nue is working towards collaborating with on its product testing. Nue has an extensive testing centre set up and well experienced engineers on board for testing various products.

Training Plans

Nue has undertaken planned employee and management development to maintain a skilled workforce.  This will also tie in with the future market developments and any new product or service developments. Current training and support activities will be quadrupled in effect of adding new installers and dealers to the network.

All integrators will be required to undergo on-site training once every 6 months and online training once every month. All management, local distributors and dealers will be required to undergo mandatory training once every month.

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